Film Production

. The company specializes in outdoor documentary film production that features the stories of the mountain people and their landscapes. Their shoots take place in the isola valleys and on pristine summits. Areas include Willmore Wilderness Park, Jasper National Park, and Kakwa Wildland Park.


We are proud that People & Peaks Productions one-hour documentaries are being showcased on Wild TV as Special Features, and their newly launched new networks, RFD TV Canada and The Cowboy Channel Canada. Our documentaries detail the history, culture and traditions of the Canadian Rockies.

Drone Footage

People & Peaks Productions Inc has five licensed Drone Pilots on staff and an expertise in aerial photography in the mountainous regions of the Canadian Rockies.


People & Peaks Production has a host of educational and training videos on line. You can also log in to Vimeo on Apple TV to speedily discover and watch amazing People & Peaks Productions videos, films, and series.

Stories from the Canadian Rocky Mountains

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