ISBN 978-0-9783377-1-1

People & Peaks of the Panther River & Eastern Slopes is an exposé of twenty colourful mountain men and women, whose stories are woven into the very fabric of the Canadian Rockies. Experience the first person accounts of mountain men like Bud Brewster, Rex Logan, Dewy Browning, Phil Temple, Ray Legace, Stan Burrell, Glen Kilgour, Bob Kjos, and more.

The tales of mountain women are revealed as well. Linda Rose is one of the trail hands that will inspire ladies who have a passion to be one with the land. Her frank, matter-of-fact account leaves the readers enthralled and laughing.

Share in the history of some of the biggest Bighorn Sheep taken on Alberta’s eastern slopes. This publication outlines the saga of some of the Wardens, Rangers, early outfitters, trappers, mountain men and women. It describes the early geological survey expeditions on horseback, which opened the oil and gas sector. This book will open the reader’s eyes on how our mountain regions were first explored by rugged, tenacious people. This untold story of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains will be a hard book to put down. The publication is illustrated with stunning images and supplemented with archival photos.