Centennial Commemoration of Jasper’s Mountain Métis

In 1806 Métis guide Jacco Findlay was the first to blaze a packtrail over Howse Pass and the Continental Divide. He made a map for Canadian explorer David Thompson, who followed one year later. Jacco left the North West Company and became one of the first “Freemen” or “Otipemisiwak” in the Athabasca Valley.

In 1907 the Canadian Government passed an Order in Council for the creation of the “Jasper Forest Park”—enforcing the evacuation of the Métis in the Athabasca Valley. By 1909 guns were seized causing the community to surrender its homeland–including Jacco’s descendants. Six Métis families made their exodus after inhabiting the area for a century.

This documentary, Long Road Home focuses on a 14-day return trip by the descendants of the evicted families, as well as Jacco’s progeny. Stories are shared through the voices of family members as they reveal their struggle to preserve traditions and culture as Mountain Métis.