Media & Content Creation

Storytelling across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies is today’s way of sharingage old tales. People and Peaks Production Ltd., is using multiple forms of media creation to tell the stories of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, unique culture, history and traditions.

People & Peaks Productions have published four books that are first person narratives that detail outfitter, guide, trappers and mountain men’s experience on Alberta’s eastern slopes. These books have been hailed by many as founding documents on the rich history and culture that came into being from the period of the Canadian fur trade.

People & Peaks Productions uses social media sites that detail the traditions of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. They are using cutting edge technologies to share a story of “how the west was opened” in the hopes of preserving a way of life.

People & Peaks Productions creates documentaries and multimedia that focus on traditional knowledge and landscapes of Alberta’s northeastern slopes. Powerful stories are set in the outstanding scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The goal of the production company is to educate the viewers about the unique culture, history, flora, and fauna of Willmore Wilderness Park and the surrounding areas.

The production company thrives on finding innovative ways to develop high-definition productions in physically demanding environments, including some of the most unexplored areas of the Rockies. People & Peaks Productions tells true stories about real people and a way of life that has existed in the Rocky Mountain regions for hundreds of years, but is now threatened by cultural extinction.

Documentaries are produced for TV series, to be sold to the public or used in educational institutions. People & Peaks Productions has gone a long way in educating people about the customs and skills of men of yesteryear who lived on Alberta’s eastern slopes.