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People & Peaks Productions

People & Peaks Productions Ltd. is a production company owned and operated by the Willmore Wilderness Preservation and Historical Foundation. The company specializes in outdoor documentary film production that features the stories of the mountain people and their landscapes. Their shoots take place in the isolated valleys and on pristine summits. Areas include Willmore Wilderness Park, Jasper National Park, and Kakwa Wildland Park. This film company produces high-quality high definition expedition films with breathtaking imagery and compelling, dramatic narratives.

People & Peaks Productions is producing the Canadian Rockies Series (13 X 60’ HD · Documentary), which has been nominated for nine Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards.

Canadian Rocky Mountain way of life –shared and appreciated

Mountain Based Creatives

Historical Research & Development 90
Original Musical Scores 95
Breath taking Cinematography 85
Stories of culture and traditions 75

Who are we?

People & Peaks Productions’ Corporate Policy and Practices recognizes inclusion of underrepresented people and groups, promoting inclusiveness and diversity within our workplace.

Canadian Rocky Mountain way of life –shared and appreciated

To share the stories, knowledge, traditions and culture of the Rocky Mountain community, and the mountain people from around the world, transforming our history and vision into a thriving, flourishing and dynamic future.

Our mandate is to preserve the history, traditions, and culture of the Canadian Rocky Mountain way of life, along parallel cultures from around the world, through the written word, film, television and social media. The way of life of the mountain people is worth preserving.

·      To bring to life the trails, stories, and pictures about the Canadian Rockies, as well as mountain people from around the world.

·      To create a forum for the advancement of education of traditional skills.

·      to keep alive the traditional skills, which are used to survive in the mountains.

·     To foster understanding of the mountain community’s roots.

·     To discover, document and preserve the stories of this region, using written, film and digital formats.

·     To produce documentaries that focus on traditional knowledge and landscapes of Alberta’s eastern slopes through People & Peaks Productions, which is owned and operated by the Willmore Wilderness Foundation.

To promote tourism and economic development and enhance the use of Willmore Wilderness Park for Albertans and visitors alike utilizing a program called Alberta Rockies Adventures, which is spearheaded by the Willmore Wilderness Foundation

  • The way of life of the mountain people is worth preserving.


… stories, culture and history about mountain people around the world!

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