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People & Peaks Productions Ltd.

People & Peaks Productions Ltd. specializes in high-quality documentary films and multimedia that feature breathtaking imagery and compelling, dramatic narratives.

Riveting stories have been shared in theaters, broadcast on television, screened in classrooms, on the Internet, and on other new media platforms.

People & Peaks Productions Ltd. thrives in a physically-demanding environment, deep in the Canadian Rockies. Using various formats—the company finds innovative ways to produce riveting footage shot in rarely explored places.

Films recount experiences—from trail expeditions to cultural explorations—that are set in remote settings. These are true stories about real people facing adversity.

The production company created the CANADIAN ROCKIES SERIES (13 X 60’ HD,) which tells the tales of legendary mountain people. Many of the individual documentaries have been nominated for many Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards. The Series has been aired across North America, and around the world.

Canadian Rocky Mountain way of life

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